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About Us

Michael O’Grady has a proud history of serving the credit union sector in Ireland as auditor and advisor for over 20 years. We have now set up CURMIS with a goal of bringing a more relationship based experience to credit unions in need of risk management, regulatory and compliance information services.  Our strength lies in the broad range of skills, qualifications and experience of our team. When you engage with us, our senior consultants actually deliver the service, rather than simply being the contact point at the start and finish of the engagement. In other words, you get the dedicated attention of experienced professionals at competitive rates.

Michael O’Grady

Michael is a professional accountant and qualified compliance professional with over 20 years of credit union experience in both the industrial and co-operative sectors with key emphasis on financial, regulatory, operational and strategic management. Michael is one of those rare people who can say that he is truly a credit union specialist and mean it. He is highly respected both within the credit union and regulatory fields, and because of his deep knowledge of the sector, Michael has become a trusted advisor to credit unions across the country.