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Data Security

At Curmis we take Information Security very seriously. In an ever changing security landscape we work hard to keep up to date with, and implement, current best practices in security.

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Focused Solutions

The team at CURMIS have developed a suite of products and services for credit unions in understanding the fundamental benefits of having an enterprise wide approach to risk management.

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Curmis Demo

In today’s business and regulatory environment, having the risk management system for your credit union is essential in supporting the organisations overall strategies and goals. Our team of experts are available to talk you through CURMIS and show you why more credit unions are switching their risk management system to CURMIS.

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Curmis System

Risk management is a key agenda item concerning many credit unions and in order to meet the business and regulatory demands, you need a system that supports the credit union’s management of key risks in a simplified manner. CURMIS give the credit union the leverage, clarity and transparency in risk modelling and reporting.

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Welcome to the Curmis Website

CURMIS (credit union risk management information system) is a leading risk management company operating within the credit union sector in Ireland. Our company helps clients to protect their performance, interests and reputation through the provision of customised risk based solutions that enable them to enhance their risk strategies in line with core organisational objectives.

Our services to the credit union sector in Ireland reflect the increasing focus on corporate governance and risk management in conjunction with regulatory compliance.

CURMIS offers a unique combination of information, analytics and expertise through a team of subject matter experts, analysts and consultants that guide credit union directors and senior management to deliver on the challenges that confront them in a changed financial and regulatory landscape.